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Articles from Experimental Brain Research, 232(9)
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1. Athreya DN, Riley MA, Davis TJ (2014) Visual influences on postural and manual interpersonal coordination during a joint precision task. Experimental Brain Research, 232(9):2741-2751
    [NBArticle #37970]
2. Noble JW, Eng JJ, Boyd LA (2014) Bilateral motor tasks involve more brain regions and higher neural activation than unilateral tasks: an fmri study. Experimental Brain Research, 232(9):2785-2795
    [NBArticle #37971]
3. Hall LA, Karl JM, Thomas BL, Whishaw IQ (2014) Reach and grasp reconfigurations reveal that proprioception assists reaching and hapsis assists grasping in peripheral vision. Experimental Brain Research, 232(9):2807-2819
    [NBArticle #37972]
4. Bock OL, Ilieva M, Grigorova V (2014) Effects of old age and resource demand on double-step adaptation of saccadic eye movements. Experimental Brain Research, 232(9):2821-2826
    [NBArticle #37973]
5. Panday V, Bergmann Tiest WM, Kappers AML (2014) Bimanual and unimanual length perception. Experimental Brain Research, 232(9):2827-2833
    [NBArticle #37974]
6. Burciu RG, Reinold J, Rabe K, Wondzinski E, Siebler M, Müller O, Theysohn N, Gerwig M, Donchin O, Timmann D (2014) Structural correlates of motor adaptation deficits in patients with acute focal lesions of the cerebellum. Experimental Brain Research, 232(9):2847-2857
    [NBArticle #37975]
7. D'Amour S, Harris LR (2014) Vibrotactile masking through the body . Experimental Brain Research, 232(9):2859-2863
    [NBArticle #37976] [CitedBy 1]
8. Keetels M, Stekelenburg JJ (2014) Motor-induced visual motion: hand movements driving visual motion perception. Experimental Brain Research, 232(9):2865-2877
    [NBArticle #37977]
9. Dancey E, Murphy BA, Srbely J, Yielder P (2014) The effect of experimental pain on motor training performance and sensorimotor integration. Experimental Brain Research, 232(9):2879-2889
    [NBArticle #37978]
10. Flatters IJ, Mushtaq F, Hill LJB, Holt RJ, Wilkie RM, Mon-Williams MA (2014) The relationship between a child’s postural stability and manual dexterity. Experimental Brain Research, 232(9):2907-2917
    [NBArticle #37979] [CitedBy 1]