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Articles from Experimental Brain Research, 229(3)
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1. Haggard P, Lau HC (2013) What is volition? Experimental Brain Research, 229(3):285-287
    [NBArticle #37844]
2. Schlegel A, Alexander P, Sinnott-Armstrong W, Roskies AL, Tse PU, Wheatley T (2013) Barking up the wrong free: readiness potentials reflect processes independent of conscious will. Experimental Brain Research, 229(3):329-335
      [NBArticle #43295]
3. Berends HI, Wolkorte R, Ijzerman MJ, van Putten MJAM (2013) Differential cortical activation during observation and observation-and-imagination. Experimental Brain Research, 229(3):337-345
    [NBArticle #37845]
4. Cameron BD, Cheng DT, Chua R, van Donkelaar P, Binsted G (2013) Explicit knowledge and real-time action control: anticipating a change does not make us respond more quickly. Experimental Brain Research, 229(3):359-372
    [NBArticle #37846] [CitedBy 3]
5. Song R, Tong K, Hu X, Li L, Sun R (2013) Arm–eye coordination test to objectively quantify motor performance and muscles activation in persons after stroke undergoing robot-aided rehabilitation training: a pilot study. Experimental Brain Research, 229(3):373-382
    [NBArticle #37847]
6. Riemer M, Kleinboehl D, Hoelzl R (2013) Action and perception in the rubber hand illusion. Experimental Brain Research, 229(3):383-393
      [NBArticle #36606] [Cites 3] [CitedBy 2]
7. Iwata J, Shima K, Tanji J, Mushiake H (2013) Neurons in the cingulate motor area signal context-based and outcome-based volitional selection of action. Experimental Brain Research, 229(3):407-417
    [NBArticle #37848]
8. Poonian SK, Cunnington R (2013) Intentional binding in self-made and observed actions. Experimental Brain Research, 229(3):419-427
    [NBArticle #37849]
9. Jensen G, Altschul D, Terrace H (2013) Monkeys would rather see and do: preference for agentic control in rhesus macaques. Experimental Brain Research, 229(3):429-442
    [NBArticle #37850]
10. Gray JR, Bargh JA, Morsella E (2013) Neural correlates of the essence of conscious conflict: fmri of sustaining incompatible intentions. Experimental Brain Research, 229(3):453-465
    [NBArticle #37851]
11. Wolpe N, Haggard P, Siebner HR, Rowe JB (2013) Cue integration and the perception of action in intentional binding. Experimental Brain Research, 229(3):467-474
    [NBArticle #37852]
12. Metcalfe J, Eich TS, Miele DB (2013) Metacognition of agency: proximal action and distal outcome. Experimental Brain Research, 229(3):485-496
    [NBArticle #37853]