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Articles from Experimental Brain Research, 225(2)
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1. Yamashiro K, Sato D, Onishi H, Yoshida T, Horiuchi Y, Nakazawa S, Maruyama A (2013) Skill-specific changes in somatosensory-evoked potentials and reaction times in baseball players. Experimental Brain Research, 225(2):197-203
    [NBArticle #37716]
2. Tzagarakis C, Pellizzer G, Rogers RD (2013) Impulsivity modulates performance under response uncertainty in a reaching task. Experimental Brain Research, 225(2):227-235
    [NBArticle #37717]
3. Martini M, Valentini E, Aglioti SM (2013) Emotional conflict in a model modulates nociceptive processing in an onlooker: a laser-evoked potentials study. Experimental Brain Research, 225(2):237-245
    [NBArticle #37718]
4. Naish KR, Reader AT, Houston-Price C, Bremner AJ, Holmes NP (2013a) To eat or not to eat? Kinematics and muscle activity of reach-to-grasp movements are influenced by the action goal, but observers do not detect these differences. Experimental Brain Research, 225(2):261-275
        [NBArticle #33988] [Cites 32] [CitedBy 34]
5. Prime SL, Marotta JJ (2013) Gaze strategies during visually-guided versus memory-guided grasping. Experimental Brain Research, 225(2):291-305
    [NBArticle #37719]