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Articles from Experimental Brain Research, 187(2)
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1. Houdayer E, Devanne H, Degardin A, Cassim F, Bocquillon P, Derambure P (2008) The effects of low- and high-frequency repetitive TMS on the input/output properties of the human corticospinal pathway. Experimental Brain Research, 187(2):207-217
      [NBArticle #21676]
2. Veerman MM, Brenner E, Smeets JBJ (2008) The latency for correcting a movement depends on the visual attribute that defines the target. Experimental Brain Research, 187(2):219-228
    [NBArticle #21677] [Cites 24] [CitedBy 37]
3. Striemer CL, Danckert J (2008) Bilateral parietal lesions disrupt the beneficial effects of prism adaptation: Evidence from a patient with optic ataxia. Experimental Brain Research, 187(2):295-302
  [NBArticle #21678]
4. Valdez AB, Amazeen EL (2008) Using 1/ f noise to examine planning and control in a discrete aiming task. Experimental Brain Research, 187(2):303-319
  [NBArticle #21679]
5. Nummela SU, Lovejoy LP, Krauzlis RJ (2008) Saccade selection when reward probability is dynamically manipulated using Markov chains. Experimental Brain Research, 187(2):321-330
  [NBArticle #21680]