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Articles from Public Library of Science ONE, 12(9)
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1. Talakoub O, Marquez-Chin C, Popovic MR, Navarro J, Fonoff ET, Hamani C, Wong W (2017) Reconstruction of reaching movement trajectories using electrocorticographic signals in humans. Public Library of Science ONE, 12(9):e182542
    [NBArticle #49320]
2. Świder K, Wronka E, Oosterman JM, van Rijn CM, Jongsma MLA (2017) Influence of transient spatial attention on the p3 component and perception of painful and non-painful electric stimuli in crossed and uncrossed hands positions. Public Library of Science ONE, 12(9):e182616
    [NBArticle #49330]
3. Desmet C, van der Wiel A, Brass M (2017) Brain regions involved in observing and trying to interpret dog behaviour. Public Library of Science ONE, 12(9):e182721
    [NBArticle #49319]
4. Zebende GF, Filho F O, Cruz JAL (2017) Auto-correlation in the motor/imaginary human eeg signals: a vision about the fdfa fluctuations. Public Library of Science ONE, 12(9):e183121
    [NBArticle #49327]
5. Zuiderbaan W, Harvey BM, Dumoulin SO (2017) Image identification from brain activity using the population receptive field model. Public Library of Science ONE, 12(9):e183295
    [NBArticle #49323]
6. Genschow O, van Den Bossche S, Cracco E, Bardi L, Rigoni D, Brass M (2017) Mimicry and automatic imitation are not correlated. Public Library of Science ONE, 12(9):e183784
    [NBArticle #49328]
7. Cheng M, Kato M, Tseng C (2017) Gender and autistic traits modulate implicit motor synchrony. Public Library of Science ONE, 12(9):e184083
    [NBArticle #49329]
8. Kitahara K, Hayashi Y, Yano S, Kondo T (2017) Target-directed motor imagery of the lower limb enhances event-related desynchronization. Public Library of Science ONE, 12(9):e184245
    [NBArticle #49322]
9. Mongeon P, Smith E, Joyal B, Larivière V (2017) The rise of the middle author: investigating collaboration and division of labor in biomedical research using partial alphabetical authorship. Public Library of Science ONE, 12(9):e184601
    [NBArticle #49326]
10. Puffe L, Dittrich K, Klauer KC (2017) The influence of the japanese waving cat on the joint spatial compatibility effect: a replication and extension of dolk, hommel, prinz, and liepelt (2013). Public Library of Science ONE, 12(9):e184844
    [NBArticle #49325]
11. Fecchio M, Pigorini A, Comanducci A, Sarasso S, Casarotto S, Premoli I, Derchi C, Mazza A, Russo S, Resta F, Ferrarelli F, Mariotti M, Ziemann U, Massimini M, Rosanova M (2017) The spectral features of eeg responses to transcranial magnetic stimulation of the primary motor cortex depend on the amplitude of the motor evoked potentials. Public Library of Science ONE, 12(9):e184910
    [NBArticle #49324]
12. Morrison D, Wang H, Hahn AC, Jones BC, DeBruine LM (2017) Predicting the reward value of faces and bodies from social perception. Public Library of Science ONE, 12(9):e185093
    [NBArticle #49321]
13. Tomasevic L, Takemi M, Siebner HR (2017) Synchronizing the transcranial magnetic pulse with electroencephalographic recordings effectively reduces inter-trial variability of the pulse artefact. Public Library of Science ONE, 12(9):e185154
    [NBArticle #49318]
14. Dockx R, Peremans K, Vlerick L, Van Laeken N, Saunders JH, Polis I, De Vos F, Baeken C (2017) Anaesthesia, not number of sessions, influences the magnitude and duration of an ahf-rtms in dogs. Public Library of Science ONE, 12(9):e185362
    [NBArticle #49317]
15. Kato K, Kanosue K (2017) Corticospinal excitability for hand muscles during motor imagery of foot changes with imagined force level. Public Library of Science ONE, 12(9):e185547
    [NBArticle #49316]