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Articles from Public Library of Science ONE, 12(6)
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1. Lu M, Ueno S (2017) Comparison of the induced fields using different coil configurations during deep transcranial magnetic stimulation. Public Library of Science ONE, 12(6):e178422
    [NBArticle #48803]
2. Lee W, Kim S, Kim B, Lee C, Chung YA, Kim L, Yoo S (2017) Non-invasive transmission of sensorimotor information in humans using an eeg/focused ultrasound brain-to-brain interface. Public Library of Science ONE, 12(6):e178476
    [NBArticle #48802]
3. Gurari N, Okamura AM, Kuchenbecker KJ (2017b) Perception of force and stiffness in the presence of low-frequency haptic noise. Public Library of Science ONE, 12(6):e178605
    [NBArticle #48805]
4. Wong TE, Srikrishnan V, Hadka D, Keller K (2017) A multi-objective decision-making approach to the journal submission problem. Public Library of Science ONE, 12(6):e178874
    [NBArticle #48804]
5. Abramson JZ, Hernández-Lloreda MV, Esteban J, Colmenares F, Aboitiz F, Call J (2017) Contextual imitation of intransitive body actions in a beluga whale (delphinapterus leucas): a “do as other does” study. Public Library of Science ONE, 12(6):e178906
    [NBArticle #48796]
6. Petrov PI, Mandija S, Sommer IEC, van den Berg CAT, Neggers SFW (2017) How much detail is needed in modeling a transcranial magnetic stimulation figure-8 coil: measurements and brain simulations. Public Library of Science ONE, 12(6):e178952
    [NBArticle #48795]
7. Teka WW, Hamade KC, Barnett WH, Kim T, Markin SN, Rybak IA, Molkov YI (2017) From the motor cortex to the movement and back again. Public Library of Science ONE, 12(6):e179288
    [NBArticle #48799]
8. Hihara H, Kanetaka H, Kanno A, Koeda S, Nakasato N, Kawashima RE, Sasaki K (2017) Evaluating age-related change in lip somatosensation using somatosensory evoked magnetic fields. Public Library of Science ONE, 12(6):e179323
    [NBArticle #48800]
9. Tran R, Pashler H (2017) Learning to exploit a hidden predictor in skill acquisition: tight linkage to conscious awareness. Public Library of Science ONE, 12(6):e179386
    [NBArticle #48798]
10. Franck JA, Smeets RJEM, Seelen HAM (2017) Changes in arm-hand function and arm-hand skill performance in patients after stroke during and after rehabilitation. Public Library of Science ONE, 12(6):e179453
    [NBArticle #48801]
11. Pila E, Jovanov K, Welsh TN, Sabiston CM (2017) Body-part compatibility effects are modulated by the tendency for women to experience negative social comparative emotions and the body-type of the model. Public Library of Science ONE, 12(6):e179552
    [NBArticle #48797]
12. Sakai T, Mikami A, Suzuki J, Miyabe-Nishiwaki T, Matsui M, Tomonaga M, Hamada Y, Matsuzawa T, Okano H, Oishi K (2017) Developmental trajectory of the corpus callosum from infancy to the juvenile stage: comparative mri between chimpanzees and humans. Public Library of Science ONE, 12(6):e179624
    [NBArticle #48794]