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Articles from Public Library of Science ONE, 12(5)
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1. Hiremath SV, Tyler-Kabara EC, Wheeler JJ, Moran DW, Gaunt RA, Collinger JL, Foldes ST, Weber DJ, Chen W, Boninger ML, Wang W (2017) Human perception of electrical stimulation on the surface of somatosensory cortex. Public Library of Science ONE, 12(5):e176020
    [NBArticle #48531]
2. Stockinger C, Thürer B, Stein T (2017) Consecutive learning of opposing unimanual motor tasks using the right arm followed by the left arm causes intermanual interference. Public Library of Science ONE, 12(5):e176594
    [NBArticle #48534]
3. James S, Bell OA, Nazli MAM, Pearce RE, Spencer J, Tyrrell K, Paine PJ, Heaton TJ, Anderson S, Da Lio M, Gurney KN (2017) Target-distractor synchrony affects performance in a novel motor task for studying action selection. Public Library of Science ONE, 12(5):e176945
    [NBArticle #48533]
4. Vercillo T, Tonelli A, Gori M (2017) Intercepting a sound without vision. Public Library of Science ONE, 12(5):e177407
    [NBArticle #48532]
5. Puglisi G, Leonetti A, Landau AN, Fornia L, Cerri G, Borroni P (2017) The role of attention in human motor resonance. Public Library of Science ONE, 12(5):177457
    [NBArticle #48472] [Cites 1]
6. Marchand-Krynski M, Morin-Moncet O., Bélanger A, Beauchamp MH, Leonard G (2017) Shared and differentiated motor skill impairments in children with dyslexia and/or attention deficit disorder: from simple to complex sequential coordination. Public Library of Science ONE, 12(5):e177490
    [NBArticle #48530]
7. Born J, Galeazzi JM, Stringer SM (2017) Hebbian learning of hand-centred representations in a hierarchical neural network model of the primate visual system. Public Library of Science ONE, 12(5):e178304
    [NBArticle #48529] [Cites 2]