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Articles from Public Library of Science ONE, 11(12)
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1. Kuroki S, Hagura N, Nishida S, Haggard P, Watanabe J (2016) Sanshool on the fingertip interferes with vibration detection in a rapidly-adapting (ra) tactile channel. Public Library of Science ONE, 11(12):e165842
    [NBArticle #46529]
2. Koester D, Schack T (2016) Action priority: early neurophysiological interaction of conceptual and motor representations. Public Library of Science ONE, 11(12):e165882
    [NBArticle #46526]
3. Kal EC, Winters M, van der Kamp J, Houdijk H, Groet E, van Bennekom CAM, Scherder EJA (2016) Is implicit motor learning preserved after stroke? a systematic review with meta-analysis. Public Library of Science ONE, 11(12):e166376
    [NBArticle #46523]
4. König SU, Schumann F, Keyser J, Goeke C, Krause C, Wache S, Lytochkin A, Ebert M, Brunsch V, Wahn B, Kaspar K, Nagel SK, Meilinger T, Bülthoff HH, Wolbers T, Büchel C, König P (2016) Learning new sensorimotor contingencies: effects of long-term use of sensory augmentation on the brain and conscious perception. Public Library of Science ONE, 11(12):e166647
    [NBArticle #46527]
5. VanGilder P, Shi Y, Apker GA, Dyson K, Buneo CA (2016) Multisensory interactions influence neuronal spike train dynamics in the posterior parietal cortex. Public Library of Science ONE, 11(12):e166786
    [NBArticle #46516]
6. Ghiassian S, Greiner R, Jin P, Brown MRG (2016) Using functional or structural magnetic resonance images and personal characteristic data to identify adhd and autism. Public Library of Science ONE, 11(12):e166934
    [NBArticle #46517]
7. Stroman PW, Bosma RL, Cotoi AI, Leung RH, Kornelsen J, Lawrence-Dewar JM, Pukall CF, Staud R (2016) Continuous descending modulation of the spinal cord revealed by functional mri. Public Library of Science ONE, 11(12):e167317
    [NBArticle #46532]
8. Freyler K, Krause A, Gollhofer A, Ritzmann R (2016) Specific stimuli induce specific adaptations: sensorimotor training vs. reactive balance training. Public Library of Science ONE, 11(12):e167557
    [NBArticle #46531]
9. Brückner S, Kammer T (2016b) No modulation of visual cortex excitability by transcranial direct current stimulation. Public Library of Science ONE, 11(12):e167697
    [NBArticle #46528]
10. Bos PA, Jap-Tjong N, Spencer H, Hofman D (2016) Social context modulates facial imitation of children’s emotional expressions. Public Library of Science ONE, 11(12):e167991
    [NBArticle #46530]
11. Kirsch W, Ullrich B, Kunde W (2016) Are effects of action on perception real? evidence from transformed movements. Public Library of Science ONE, 11(12):e167993
    [NBArticle #46525]
12. Wallot S, Mitkidis P, McGraw JJ, Roepstorff A (2016b) Beyond synchrony: joint action in a complex production task reveals beneficial effects of decreased interpersonal synchrony. Public Library of Science ONE, 11(12):e168306
    [NBArticle #46519]
13. Levac DE, Glegg SMN, Sveistrup H, Colquhoun H, Miller P, Finestone H, DePaul V, Harris JE, Velikonja D (2016) Promoting therapists’ use of motor learning strategies within virtual reality-based stroke rehabilitation. Public Library of Science ONE, 11(12):e168311
    [NBArticle #46521]
14. Jung NH, Gleich B, Gattinger N, Hoess C, Haug C, Siebner HR, Mall V (2016) Quadri-pulse theta burst stimulation using ultra-high frequency bursts – a new protocol to induce changes in cortico-spinal excitability in human motor cortex. Public Library of Science ONE, 11(12):e168410
    [NBArticle #46524]
15. Marotta A, Tinazzi M, Cavedini C, Zampini M, Fiorio M (2016) Individual differences in the rubber hand illusion are related to sensory suggestibility. Public Library of Science ONE, 11(12):168489
      [NBArticle #46502] [Cites 2]
16. van den Noort JC, van Beek N, van der Kraan T, Veeger DHEJ, Stegeman DF, Veltink PH, Maas H (2016) Variable and asymmetric range of enslaving: fingers can act independently over small range of flexion. Public Library of Science ONE, 11(12):e168636
    [NBArticle #46520]
17. Halme H., Parkkonen L (2016) Comparing features for classification of meg responses to motor imagery. Public Library of Science ONE, 11(12):e168766
    [NBArticle #46522]
18. Morin-Moncet O|, Therrien-Blanchet J, Ferland MC, Théoret H, West GL (2016) Action video game playing is reflected in enhanced visuomotor performance and increased corticospinal excitability. Public Library of Science ONE, 11(12):e169013
    [NBArticle #46518]