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Articles from Current Biology, 26(8)
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1. Ekroll V, Sayim B, Van der Hallen R, Wagemans J (2016) Illusory visual completion of an object’s invisible backside can make your finger feel shorter. Current Biology, 26(8):1029-1033
    [NBArticle #43879]
2. Dimitriou M (2016) Enhanced muscle afferent signals during motor learning in humans. Current Biology, 26(8):1062-1068
    [NBArticle #43880]
3. Chen J, Wu E, Chen X, Zhu L, Li X, Thorn F, Ostrovsky Y, Qu J (2016) Rapid integration of tactile and visual information by a newly sighted child. Current Biology, 26(8):1069-1074
    [NBArticle #43881]