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Articles from Current Biology, 26(14)
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1. Pang R, Lansdell BJ, Fairhall AL (2016) Dimensionality reduction in neuroscience. Current Biology, 26(14):R656-660
    [NBArticle #44499]
2. Ponce de León MS, Bienvenu T, Akazawa T, Zollikofer CPE (2016) Brain development is similar in neanderthals and modern humans. Current Biology, 26(14):665-666
    [NBArticle #44500]
3. Reinhart RMG, Xiao W, McClenahan LJ, Woodman GF (2016) Electrical stimulation of visual cortex can immediately improve spatial vision. Current Biology, 26(14):1867-1872
    [NBArticle #44501]
4. Shadmehr R, Huang HJ, Ahmed AA (2016) A representation of effort in decision-making and motor control. Current Biology, 26(14):1929-1934
    [NBArticle #44502]