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Articles from Cortex, 99
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1. Hinder MR, Puri R, Kemp S, Waitzer S, Reissig P, Stöckel T, Fujiyama H (2018) Distinct modulation of interhemispheric inhibitory mechanisms during movement preparation reveals the influence of cognition on action control. Cortex, 99:13-29
    [NBArticle #50378]
2. Bareham CA, Georgieva SD, Kamke MR, Lloyd DA, Bekinschtein TA, Mattingley JB (2018) Role of the right inferior parietal cortex in auditory selective attention: an rtms study. Cortex, 99:30-38
      [NBArticle #49862]
3. Sperber C, Christensen A, Ilg W, Giese MA, Karnath H (2018) Apraxia of object-related action does not depend on visual feedback. Cortex, 99:103-117
    [NBArticle #50379]
4. Prieur J, Barbu S, Blois-Heulin C (2018) Human laterality for manipulation and gestural communication related to 60 everyday activities: impact of multiple individual-related factors. Cortex, 99:118-134
    [NBArticle #50382]
5. Wilke M, Schneider L, Dominguez-Vargas A, Schmidt-Samoa C, Miloserdov K, Nazzal A, Dechent P, Cabral-Calderin Y, Scherberger H, Kagan I, Bähr M (2018) Reach and grasp deficits following damage to the dorsal pulvinar. Cortex, 99:135-149
    [NBArticle #50380]
6. Ariani G, Oosterhof NN, Lingnau A (2018) Time-resolved decoding of planned delayed and immediate prehension movements. Cortex, 99:330-345
    [NBArticle #50381]