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Articles from Cortex, 95
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1. Kikkert S, Mezue M, Henderson-Slater D, Johansen-Berg H, Tracey I, Makin TR (2017) Motor correlates of phantom limb pain. Cortex, 95:29-36
    [NBArticle #49023] [Cites 1]
2. Courson M, Macoir J, Tremblay P (2017b) Role of medial premotor areas in action language processing in relation to motor skills. Cortex, 95:77-91
    [NBArticle #49367]
3. Hilt PM, Bartoli E, Ferrari E, Jacono M, Fadiga L, D'Ausilio A (2017) Action observation effects reflect the modular organization of the human motor system. Cortex, 95:104-118
    [NBArticle #49283]
4. Nozaradan S, Schwartze M, Obermeier C, Kotz SA (2017) Specific contributions of basal ganglia and cerebellum to the neural tracking of rhythm. Cortex, 95:156-168
    [NBArticle #49368]
5. Maimon-Mor RO, Johansen-Berg H, Makin TR (2017) Peri-hand space representation in the absence of a hand – evidence from congenital one-handers. Cortex, 95:169-171
    [NBArticle #49369] [Cites 2]