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Articles from Cortex, 82
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1. Silk TJ, Beare R, Malpas C, Adamson CL, Vilgis V, Vance A, Bellgrove MA (2016) Cortical morphometry in attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder: contribution of thickness and surface area to volume. Cortex, 82:1-10
    [NBArticle #46913]
2. Povinelli DJ, Frey SH (2016) Constraints on the exploitation of the functional properties of objects in expert tool-using chimpanzees (pan troglodytes). Cortex, 82:11-23
    [NBArticle #46914]
3. Häberling IS, Corballis PM, Corballis MC (2016) Language, gesture, and handedness: evidence for independent lateralized networks. Cortex, 82:72-85
    [NBArticle #46915]
4. Baumard J, Lesourd M, Jarry C, Merck C, Etcharry-Bouyx F, Chauviré V, Belliard S, Moreaud O, Croisile B, Osiurak F, le Gall D (2016) Tool use disorders in neurodegenerative diseases: roles of semantic memory and technical reasoning. Cortex, 82:119-132
    [NBArticle #46916]
5. Lange F, Seer C, Salchow C, Dengler R, Dressler D, Kopp B (2016) Meta-analytical and electrophysiological evidence for executive dysfunction in primary dystonia. Cortex, 82:133-146
    [NBArticle #46917]
6. Kalénine S, Buxbaum LJ (2016) Thematic knowledge, artifact concepts, and the left posterior temporal lobe: where action and object semantics converge. Cortex, 82:164-178
    [NBArticle #46918]
7. Copley-Mills F, Connolly JD, Cavina-Pratesi C (2016) Gender differences in non-standard mapping tasks: a kinematic study using pantomimed reach-to-grasp actions. Cortex, 82:244-254
    [NBArticle #46919]
8. Dunkley BT, Baltaretu B, Crawford JD (2016) Trans-saccadic interactions in human parietal and occipital cortex during the retention and comparison of object orientation. Cortex, 82:263-276
    [NBArticle #46920]
9. Hobson HM, Bishop DVM (2016) Mu suppression – a good measure of the human mirror neuron system? Cortex, 82:290-310
    [NBArticle #46921]