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Articles from Cortex, 70
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1. Rumiati RI, Humphreys GW (2015) Cognitive neuroscience goes social. Cortex, 70:1-4
    [NBArticle #46856]
2. Quadflieg S, Gentile F, Rossion B (2015) The neural basis of perceiving person interactions. Cortex, 70:5-20
    [NBArticle #46857]
3. Rauchbauer B, Majdandžić J, Hummer A, Windischberger C, Lamm C (2015) Distinct neural processes are engaged in the modulation of mimicry by social group-membership and emotional expressions. Cortex, 70:49-67
    [NBArticle #46858]
4. Cao Y, Contreras-Huerta LS, McFadyen J, Cunnington R (2015) Racial bias in neural response to others' pain is reduced with other-race contact. Cortex, 70:68-78
    [NBArticle #46859]
5. Lamm C, Silani G, Singer T (2015) Distinct neural networks underlying empathy for pleasant and unpleasant touch. Cortex, 70:79-89
    [NBArticle #46860]
6. Eskenazi T, Rueschemeyer S, de Lange FP, Knoblich G, Sebanz N (2015) Neural correlates of observing joint actions with shared intentions. Cortex, 70:90-100
    [NBArticle #46861]
7. Korb S, Malsert J, Rochas V, Rihs TA, Rieger SW, Schwab S, Niedenthal PM, Grandjean D (2015) Gender differences in the neural network of facial mimicry of smiles – an rtms study. Cortex, 70:101-114
      [NBArticle #46862]
8. Visco-Comandini F, Ferrari-Toniolo S, Satta E, Papazachariadis O, Gupta R, Nalbant LE, Battaglia-Mayer A (2015) Do non-human primates cooperate? evidences of motor coordination during a joint action task in macaque monkeys. Cortex, 70:115-127
    [NBArticle #46863]
9. Bardi L, Bundt C, Notebaert W, Brass M (2015) Eliminating mirror responses by instructions. Cortex, 70:128-136
    [NBArticle #46864]
10. Sartori L, Betti S, Chinellato E, Castiello U (2015) The multiform motor cortical output: kinematic, predictive and response coding. Cortex, 70:169-178
    [NBArticle #46865]
11. Straulino E, Scaravilli T, Castiello U (2015) Social intentions in parkinson's disease patients: a kinematic study. Cortex, 70:179-188
    [NBArticle #46866]
12. Samson D, Houthuys S, Humphreys GW (2015) Self-perspective inhibition deficits cannot be explained by general executive control difficulties. Cortex, 70:189-201
    [NBArticle #46867]