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Articles from Cortex, 66
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1. Chambers CD, Dienes Z, McIntosh RD, Rotshtein P, Willmes K (2015) Registered reports: realigning incentives in scientific publishing. Cortex, 66:A1-2
    [NBArticle #46848]
2. Libero LE, DeRamus TP, Lahti AC, Deshpande G, Kana RK (2015) Multimodal neuroimaging based classification of autism spectrum disorder using anatomical, neurochemical, and white matter correlates. Cortex, 66:46-59
    [NBArticle #46849]
3. Boekel W, Wagenmakers E, Belay L, Verhagen J, Brown S, Forstmann BU (2015) A purely confirmatory replication study of structural brain-behavior correlations. Cortex, 66:115-133
    [NBArticle #46850]