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Articles from Cortex, 65
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1. Watson CE, Buxbaum LJ (2015) A distributed network critical for selecting among tool-directed actions. Cortex, 65:65-82
    [NBArticle #46847]
2. Ruitenberg MFL, Duthoo W, Santens P, Notebaert W, Abrahamse EL (2015) Sequential movement skill in parkinson's disease: a state-of-the-art. Cortex, 65:102-112
    [NBArticle #46846]
3. Serbruyns L, Leunissen I, Huysmans T, Cuypers K, Meesen RLJ, van Ruitenbeek P, Sijbers J, Swinnen SP (2015) Subcortical volumetric changes across the adult lifespan: subregional thalamic atrophy accounts for age-related sensorimotor performance declines. Cortex, 65:128-138
    [NBArticle #46844]
4. Vicario CM, Rafal RD, Avenanti A (2015) Counterfactual thinking affects the excitability of the motor cortex. Cortex, 65:139-148
    [NBArticle #45656] [Cites 1]
5. Jo H, Hinterberger T, Wittmann M, Schmidt S (2015) Do meditators have higher awareness of their intentions to act? Cortex, 65:149-158
      [NBArticle #43305]
6. Candidi M, Stienen BMC, Aglioti SM, de Gelder B (2015) Virtual lesion of right posterior superior temporal sulcus modulates conscious visual perception of fearful expressions in faces and bodies. Cortex, 65:184-194
    [NBArticle #46843]
7. Borgomaneri S, Vitale F, Gazzola V, Avenanti A (2015) Seeing fearful body language rapidly freezes the observer's motor cortex. Cortex, 65:232-245
      [NBArticle #45454] [Cites 2]
8. Baron J (2015) Some fallacies of human-subjects protection, and some solutions. Cortex, 65:246-254
    [NBArticle #46845]