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Articles from Cortex, 63
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1. Bauer C, Yazzolino L, Hirsch G, Cattaneo Z, Vecchi T, Merabet LB (2015) Neural correlates associated with superior tactile symmetry perception in the early blind. Cortex, 63:104-117
    [NBArticle #46831]
2. Coll , Bird G, Catmur C, Press CM (2015) Cross-modal repetition effects in the mu rhythm indicate tactile mirroring during action observation. Cortex, 63:121-131
    [NBArticle #46832]
3. Roberts RE, Husain M (2015) A dissociation between stopping and switching actions following a lesion of the pre-supplementary motor area. Cortex, 63:184-195
    [NBArticle #46833]
4. Jarry C, Osiurak F, Baumard J, Lesourd M, Etcharry-Bouyx F, Chauviré V, le Gall D (2015) Mechanical problem-solving and imitation of meaningless postures in left brain damaged patients: two sides of the same coin? Cortex, 63:214-216
    [NBArticle #46834]