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Articles from Cortex, 49(8)
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1. Janacsek K, Nemeth D (2013) Implicit sequence learning and working memory: correlated or complicated? Cortex, 49(8):2001-2006
    [NBArticle #46751]
2. Mcbride J, Sumner P, Jackson SR, Bajaj N, Husain M (2013) Exaggerated object affordance and absent automatic inhibition in alien hand syndrome. Cortex, 49(8):2040-2054
    [NBArticle #46752]
3. Enatsu R, Matsumoto R, Piao Z, O'Connor T, Horning K, Burgess RC, Bulacio J, Bingaman W, Nair DR (2013) Cortical negative motor network in comparison with sensorimotor network: a cortico-cortical evoked potential study. Cortex, 49(8):2080-2096
    [NBArticle #46753]
4. Andres M, Pelgrims B, Olivier E (2013) Distinct contribution of the parietal and temporal cortex to hand configuration and contextual judgements about tools. Cortex, 49(8):2097-2105
    [NBArticle #46754]
5. Dockstader C, Gaetz WC, Bouffet E, Tabori U, Wang F, Bostan SR, Laughlin SB, Mabbott DJ (2013) Neural correlates of delayed visual–motor performance in children treated for brain tumours. Cortex, 49(8):2140-2150
    [NBArticle #46755]
6. Lockwood PL, Iannetti GD, Haggard P (2013) Transcranial magnetic stimulation over human secondary somatosensory cortex disrupts perception of pain intensity. Cortex, 49(8):2201-2209
      [NBArticle #46756] [CitedBy 1]
7. Grèzes J, Adenis M, Pouga L, Armony JL (2013) Self-relevance modulates brain responses to angry body expressions. Cortex, 49(8):2210-2220
    [NBArticle #46757]
8. Bourgeois A, Chica AB, Valero-Cabre A, Bartolomeo P (2013) Cortical control of inhibition of return: causal evidence for task-dependent modulations by dorsal and ventral parietal regions. Cortex, 49(8):2229-2238
    [NBArticle #43119]
9. Michel C, Gaveau J, Pozzo T, Papaxanthis C (2013) Prism adaptation by mental practice. Cortex, 49(8):2249-2259
    [NBArticle #46758]