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Articles from Cortex, 49(10)
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1. Della Sala S, Cubelli R (2013) Downloads as a possible index of impact? Cortex, 49(10):2601-2602
    [NBArticle #46783]
2. Kessler KR, Garrod S (2013) Editorial: cortex discussion forum on “the meaning of mirror neurons”. Cortex, 49(10):2603-2606
    [NBArticle #46784]
3. Rousseaux M, Sauer A, Saj A, Bernati T, Honorée J (2013) Mislocalization of tactile stimuli applied to the trunk in spatial neglect. Cortex, 49(10):2607-2615
    [NBArticle #46785]
4. Spierer L, Manuel AL, Bueti D, Murray MM (2013) Contributions of pitch and bandwidth to sound-induced enhancement of visual cortex excitability in humans. Cortex, 49(10):2728-2734
    [NBArticle #46780]
5. Planton S, Jucla M, Roux F, Démonet J (2013) The “handwriting brain”: a meta-analysis of neuroimaging studies of motor versus orthographic processes. Cortex, 49(10):2772-2787
    [NBArticle #46781]
6. Freeman ED, Ipser A, Palmbaha A, Paunoiu D, Brown P, Lambert C, Leff AP, Driver J (2013) Sight and sound out of synch: fragmentation and renormalisation of audiovisual integration and subjective timing. Cortex, 49(10):2875-2887
    [NBArticle #46782]
7. Nicholls MER, Thomas NA, Loetscher T, Grimshaw GM (2013) The flinders handedness survey (flanders): a brief measure of skilled hand preference. Cortex, 49(10):2914-2926
    [NBArticle #46767]
8. Bourgeois A, Chica AB, Valero-Cabre A, Bartolomeo P (2013) Cortical control of inhibition of return: exploring the causal contributions of the left parietal cortex. Cortex, 49(10):2927-2934
    [NBArticle #43120] [CitedBy 1]
9. Whiten A (2013) Monkeys, apes, imitation and mirror neurons. Cortex, 49(10):2941-2943
    [NBArticle #46768]
10. Cook R, Bird G (2013) Do mirror neurons really mirror and do they really code for action goals? Cortex, 49(10):2944-2945
    [NBArticle #46769]
11. Heyes CM (2013b) A new approach to mirror neurons: developmental history, system-level theory and intervention experiments. Cortex, 49(10):2946-2948
    [NBArticle #46770]
12. Wilson M (2013) What do the mirror system, embodied cognition, and synaesthesia have to do with each other? Cortex, 49(10):2949-2950
    [NBArticle #46771]
13. Barsalou LW (2013) Mirroring as pattern completion inferences within situated conceptualizations. Cortex, 49(10):2951-2953
    [NBArticle #46772]
14. Gallese V (2013) Mirror neurons, embodied simulation and a second-person approach to mindreading. Cortex, 49(10):2954-2956
    [NBArticle #46773]
15. Hamilton AF (2013) The mirror neuron system contributes to social responding. Cortex, 49(10):2957-2959
    [NBArticle #46774]
16. Reed CL, McIntosh DN (2013) The response is more than reflection: mirror neurons function within social contexts. Cortex, 49(10):2960-2961
    [NBArticle #46775]
17. Williams JHG (2013) The mirror or portrait neuron system – time for a more organic model of action-coding? Cortex, 49(10):2962-2963
    [NBArticle #46776]
18. Colling LJ, Knoblich G, Sebanz N (2013) How does “mirroring” support joint action? Cortex, 49(10):2964-2965
    [NBArticle #46777]
19. Ondobaka S, Bekkering H (2013) Conceptual and perceptuo-motor action control and action recognition. Cortex, 49(10):2966-2967
    [NBArticle #46778]
20. Pezzulo G (2013) Studying mirror mechanisms within generative and predictive architectures for joint action. Cortex, 49(10):2968-2969
    [NBArticle #46779]