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Articles from Cortex, 48(10)
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1. Filevich E, Kühn S, Haggard P (2012) Negative motor phenomena in cortical stimulation: implications for inhibitory control of human action. Cortex, 48(10):1251-1261
    [NBArticle #46704]
2. Catani M, dell'Acqua F, Bizzi A, Forkel SJ, Williams SC, Simmons A, Murphy DGM, Thiebaut de Schotten M (2012) Beyond cortical localization in clinico-anatomical correlation. Cortex, 48(10):1262-1287
    [NBArticle #46705]
3. Lenggenhager B, Loetscher T, Kavan N, Pallich G, Brodtmann A, Nicholls MER, Brugger P (2012b) Paradoxical extension into the contralesional hemispace in spatial neglect. Cortex, 48(10):1320-1328
    [NBArticle #46706]
4. Buckingham G, Ranger NS, Goodale MA (2012) Handedness, laterality and the size-weight illusion. Cortex, 48(10):1342-1350
    [NBArticle #46707]
5. Harley TA (2012) Why the earth is almost flat: imaging and the death of cognitive psychology. Cortex, 48(10):1371-1372
    [NBArticle #46708]
6. Goel V (2012) Limits of cognitive science's contribution to neuroscience. Cortex, 48(10):1379-1380
    [NBArticle #46709]