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Articles from Cortex, 45(9)
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1. Rusconi E, Bestmann S (2009) On tickling brains to investigate minds. Cortex, 45(9):1021-1024
    [NBArticle #46657]
2. Wagner TA, Rushmore J, Eden UT, Valero-Cabre A (2009) Biophysical foundations underlying tms: setting the stage for an effective use of neurostimulation in the cognitive neurosciences. Cortex, 45(9):1025-1034
    [NBArticle #46658]
3. Siebner HR, Hartwigsen G, Kassuba T, Rothwell JC (2009b) How does transcranial magnetic stimulation modify neuronal activity in the brain? implications for studies of cognition. Cortex, 45(9):1035-1042
      [NBArticle #33998]
4. Ruff CC, Driver J, Bestmann S (2009) Combining tms and fmri: from 'virtual lesions' to functional-network accounts of cognition. Cortex, 45(9):1043-1049
      [NBArticle #40836] [CitedBy 1] [CommentsIn 1]
5. Davare M, Montague K, Olivier E, Rothwell JC, Lemon RN (2009) Ventral premotor to primary motor cortical interactions during object-driven grasp in humans. Cortex, 45(9):1050-1057
    [NBArticle #46659] [CitedBy 2]
6. Romei V, Thut G, Ramos-Estebanez C, Pascual-Leone A (2009b) M1 contributes to the intrinsic but not the extrinsic components of motor-skills. Cortex, 45(9):1058-1064
    [NBArticle #46660]
7. Perez MA, Cohen LG (2009b) Scaling of motor cortical excitability during unimanual force generation. Cortex, 45(9):1065-1071
    [NBArticle #46661]
8. Avenanti A, Minio-Paluello I, Sforza AL, Aglioti SM (2009) Freezing or escaping? opposite modulations of empathic reactivity to the pain of others. Cortex, 45(9):1072-1077
    [NBArticle #46662]
9. Azañón E, Haggard P (2009) Somatosensory processing and body representation. Cortex, 45(9):1078-1084
      [NBArticle #30480] [Cites 57]