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Articles from Cortex, 44(5)
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1. Mars RB, Hulstijn W, Toni I (2008b) Selection, preparation, and monitoring: current approaches to studying the neural control of action. Cortex, 44(5):479-481
    [NBArticle #46623]
2. Rémy F, Wenderoth N, Lipkens K, Swinnen SP (2008) Acquisition of a new bimanual coordination pattern modulates the cerebral activations elicited by an intrinsic pattern: an fmri study. Cortex, 44(5):482-493
    [NBArticle #46624]
3. de Lange FP, Roelofs K, Toni I (2008) Motor imagery: a window into the mechanisms and alterations of the motor system. Cortex, 44(5):494-506
    [NBArticle #46625]
4. Mars RB, Coles MGH, Hulstijn W, Toni I (2008c) Delay-related cerebral activity and motor preparation. Cortex, 44(5):507-520
    [NBArticle #46626]
5. Gladwin TE, Marius ‘t Hart B, de Jong R (2008) Dissociations between motor-related eeg measures in a cued movement sequence task. Cortex, 44(5):521-536
    [NBArticle #46627]
6. Zanolie K, Teng S, Donohue SE, Van Duijvenvoorde ACK, Band GPH, Rombouts SARB, Crone EA (2008b) Switching between colors and shapes on the basis of positive and negative feedback: an fmri and eeg study on feedback-based learning. Cortex, 44(5):537-547
    [NBArticle #46628]
7. Blangero A, Gaveau V, Luauté J, Rode G, Salemme R, Guinard M, Boisson D, Rossetti YRC, Pisella L (2008) A hand and a field effect in on-line motor control in unilateral optic ataxia. Cortex, 44(5):560-568
    [NBArticle #46629]
8. de Bruijn ERA, Miedl SF, Bekkering H (2008) Fast responders have blinders on: erp correlates of response inhibition in competition. Cortex, 44(5):580-586
    [NBArticle #46630]
9. Medendorp WP, Beurze SM, Van Pelt S, Van Der Werf J (2008) Behavioral and cortical mechanisms for spatial coding and action planning. Cortex, 44(5):587-597
    [NBArticle #46631]
10. O'Shea J, Taylor PCJ, Rushworth MFS (2008) Imaging causal interactions during sensorimotor processing. Cortex, 44(5):598-608
    [NBArticle #21772] [CitedBy 2]
11. van Elswijk G, Kleine BU, Overeem S, Eshuis B, Hekkert KD, Stegeman DF (2008) Muscle imaging: mapping responses to transcranial magnetic stimulation with high-density surface electromyography. Cortex, 44(5):609-616
    [NBArticle #46632]