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Articles from Consciousness and Cognition, 41
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1. Sedda A, Tonin D, Salvato G, Gandola M, Bottini G (2016) Left caloric vestibular stimulation as a tool to reveal implicit and explicit parameters of body representation. Consciousness and Cognition, 41:1-9
    [NBArticle #43920] [Cites 1]
2. Lemaitre A, Luyat M, Lafargue G (2016) Individuals with pronounced schizotypal traits are particularly successful in tickling themselves. Consciousness and Cognition, 41:64-71
    [NBArticle #43921]
3. Seli P (2016) The attention-lapse and motor decoupling accounts of sart performance are not mutually exclusive. Consciousness and Cognition, 41:189-198
    [NBArticle #43922]