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Articles from Consciousness and Cognition, 38
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1. Martins MD, Fitch WT (2015) Do we represent intentional action as recursively embedded? the answer must be empirical. a comment on vicari and adenzato (2014). Consciousness and Cognition, 38:16-21
    [NBArticle #42663]
2. Renes RA, van Haren NEM, Aarts H (2015) Attentional control and inferences of agency: working memory load differentially modulates goal-based and prime-based agency experiences. Consciousness and Cognition, 38:38-49
    [NBArticle #42664]
3. Asai T (2015) Feedback control of one’s own action: self-other sensory attribution in motor control. Consciousness and Cognition, 38:118-129
    [NBArticle #42665]
4. Travieso D, Gómez-Jordana L, Díaz A, Lobo L, Jacobs DM (2015) Body-scaled affordances in sensory substitution. Consciousness and Cognition, 38:130-138
    [NBArticle #42666]