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Articles from Consciousness and Cognition, 35
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1. de Bézenac CE, Sluming V, O'Sullivan N, Corcoran R (2015) Ambiguity between self and other: individual differences in action attribution. Consciousness and Cognition, 35:1-15
    [NBArticle #42627]
2. Weibel S, Poncelet PE, Delevoye-Turrell YN, Capobianco A, Dufour A, Brochard R, Ott L, Giersch A (2015) Feeling of control of an action after supra and subliminal haptic distortions. Consciousness and Cognition, 35:16-29
    [NBArticle #42628] [Cites 1]
3. Ludwig VU, Seitz J, Schönfeldt-Lecuona C, Höse A, Abler B, Hole G, Goebel R, Walter H (2015) The neural correlates of movement intentions: a pilot study comparing hypnotic and simulated paralysis. Consciousness and Cognition, 35:158-170
    [NBArticle #42629]
4. Foley RT, Whitwell RL, Goodale MA (2015) The two-visual-systems hypothesis and the perspectival features of visual experience. Consciousness and Cognition, 35:225-233
    [NBArticle #42625]
5. Ludwig K, Hesselmann G (2015) Weighing the evidence for a dorsal processing bias under continuous flash suppression. Consciousness and Cognition, 35:251-259
    [NBArticle #42626]