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Articles from Consciousness and Cognition, 33
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1. Foerster A, Gray R, CaƱal-Bruland R (2015) Size estimates remain stable in the face of differences in performance outcome variability in an aiming task. Consciousness and Cognition, 33:47-52
    [NBArticle #42615]
2. Heuer H, Hegele M (2015) Explicit and implicit components of visuo-motor adaptation: an analysis of individual differences. Consciousness and Cognition, 33:156-169
    [NBArticle #42616]
3. Schlegel A, Alexander P, Sinnott-Armstrong W, Roskies AL, Tse PU, Wheatley T (2015) Hypnotizing libet: readiness potentials with non-conscious volition. Consciousness and Cognition, 33:196-203
      [NBArticle #42617]
4. Caspar EA, Cleeremans A, Haggard P (2015) The relationship between human agency and embodiment. Consciousness and Cognition, 33:226-236
    [NBArticle #42618]
5. Verbaarschot C, Farquhar JDR, Haselager P (2015) Lost in time...: the search for intentions and readiness potentials. Consciousness and Cognition, 33:300-315
      [NBArticle #42619]
6. Gruberger M, Levkovitz L, Hendler T, Harel EV, Harari H, Simon B, Sharon H, Zangen A (2015) I think therefore i am: rest-related prefrontal cortex neural activity is involved in generating the sense of self. Consciousness and Cognition, 33:414-421
    [NBArticle #42620]
7. Jenkinson PM, Preston C (2015) New reflections on agency and body ownership: the moving rubber hand illusion in the mirror. Consciousness and Cognition, 33:432-442
      [NBArticle #42621]
8. Fotopoulou A (2015) The virtual bodily self: mentalisation of the body as revealed in anosognosia for hemiplegia. Consciousness and Cognition, 33:500-510
    [NBArticle #42614]