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Articles from Brain Topography, 21(3-4)
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1. Foxe JJ, Molholm S (2009) Ten years at the Multisensory Forum: Musings on the evolution of a field. Brain Topography, 21(3-4):149-154
    [NBArticle #26445] [Cites 1]
2. Vroomen J, de Gelder B (2009) In memory of Paul Bertelson (1926-2008). Brain Topography, 21(3-4):155-156
    [NBArticle #26446]
3. Allman BL, Keniston LP, Meredith MA (2009) Not just for bimodal neurons anymore: The contribution of unimodal neurons to cortical multisensory processing. Brain Topography, 21(3-4):157-167
    [NBArticle #26447]
4. Holmes NP (2009b) The principle of inverse effectiveness in multisensory integration: Some statistical considerations. Brain Topography, 21(3-4):168-176
        [NBArticle #25619] [Cites 29] [CitedBy 58]
5. Colonius H, Diederich A, Steenken R (2009) Time-Window-of-Integration (TWIN) model for saccadic reaction time: Effect of auditory masker level on visual-auditory spatial interaction in elevation. Brain Topography, 21(3-4):177-184
    [NBArticle #26448]
6. Rosenthal O, Shimojo S, Shams L (2009) Sound-induced flash illusion is resistant to feedback training. Brain Topography, 21(3-4):185-192
    [NBArticle #26449]
7. Brefczynski-Lewis JA, Lowitszch S, Parsons M, Lemieux S, Puce A (2009) Audiovisual non-verbal dynamic faces elicit converging fMRI and ERP responses. Brain Topography, 21(3-4):193-206
    [NBArticle #26450]
8. Ponton CW, Bernstein LE, Auer ET Jr. (2009) Mismatch negativity with visual-only and audiovisual speech. Brain Topography, 21(3-4):207-215
    [NBArticle #26451]
9. van den Stock J, Peretz I, Grèzes J, de Gelder B (2009) Instrumental music influences recognition of emotional body language. Brain Topography, 21(3-4):216-220
    [NBArticle #26452]
10. Azulay H, Striem E, Amedi A (2009) Negative BOLD in sensory cortices during verbal memory: A component in generating internal representations? Brain Topography, 21(3-4):221-231
    [NBArticle #26453]
11. Collignon O, Davare M, Olivier E, de Volder AG (2009) Reorganisation of the right occipito-parietal stream for auditory spatial processing in early blind humans. A transcranial magnetic stimulation study. Brain Topography, 21(3-4):232-240
    [NBArticle #26454]
12. Hugenschmidt CE, Mozolic JL, Tan H, Kraft RA, Laurienti PJ (2009) Age-related increase in cross-sensory noise in resting and steady-state cerebral perfusion. Brain Topography, 21(3-4):241-251
    [NBArticle #26455]
13. Cardinali L, Brozzoli C, Farnè A (2009b) Peripersonal space and body schema: Two labels for the same concept? Brain Topography, 21(3-4):252-260
      [NBArticle #26456] [Cites 7] [CitedBy 7]
14. Simon-Dack SL, Cummings SE, Reetz DJ, Alvarez-Vazquez E, Gu H, Teder-Sälejärvi WA (2009) 'Touched' by light: Event-related potentials (ERPs) to visuo-haptic stimuli in peri-personal space. Brain Topography, 21(3-4):261-268
    [NBArticle #26457] [Cites 1]
15. Lacey S, Tal N, Amedi A, Sathian K (2009) A putative model of multisensory object representation. Brain Topography, 21(3-4):269-274
    [NBArticle #26458]