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Blandine French


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1. Blanchard CCV, McGlashan HL, French B, Holmes NP (in preparation) The development of online control. Human Movement Science, 0:0
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2. French B, Blanchard CCV, McGlashan HL, Holmes NP (in preparation) Towards non-parametric, bootstrapped norms for the Movement Assessment Battery for Children-2 (MABC-2). Research in Developmental Disabilities, 0:0
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3. McGlashan HL, Blanchard CCV, Lee R, French B, Holmes NP (under review) Improvement in children's fine motor skills following a computerized typing intervention. Human Movement Science, 0:0
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4. Blanchard CCV, McGlashan HL, French B, Sperring RJ, Petrocochino B, Holmes NP (2017) Online control of prehension predicts performance on a standardised motor assessment test in 8-12 year old children. Frontiers in Psychology, 8:374
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