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Katherine R Naish


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1. Naish KR, Houston-Price C, Bremner AJ, Holmes NP (in preparation) Are you going to eat that? action prediction by the mirror system is not based on movement kinematics alone. European Journal of Neuroscience, 0:0
  [NBArticle #37137] [Cites 17]
2. Holmes NP, Makin TR, Cadieux ML, Williams C, Naish KR, Spence C, Shore DI (in preparation) Changes in perceived hand position are not correlated with the rubber hand illusion. Consciousness and Cognition, 0:0
  [NBArticle #34566] [Cites 16] [CitedBy 2]
3. Naish KR, Houston-Price C, Holmes NP, Bremner AJ (under review) Suppression of theta power during action observation in 12 to 14-month-old infants. British Journal of Developmental Psychology, 0:0
  [NBArticle #40623] [Cites 32]
4. Naish KR, Rajagobal A, Galang CM, Sartori L, Obhi SS (2017) Effects of intentional movement preparation on response times to symbolic and imitative cues. Experimental Brain Research, 235(3):753-761
    [NBArticle #47694]
5. Naish KR, Barnes B, Obhi SS (2016) Stimulation over primary motor cortex during action observation impairs effector recognition. Cognition, 149:84-94
  [NBArticle #45443] [Cites 1]
6. Naish KR, Obhi SS (2015) Self-selected conscious strategies do not modulate motor cortical output during action observation. Journal of Neurophysiology, 114(4):2278-2284
    [NBArticle #41589]
7. Naish KR, Holmes NP (2015) The cortical mirror system reflects the cortical motor system: Commentary on d'Ausilio, Bartoli, & Maffongelli. Physics of Life Reviews, 12:108-110
        [NBArticle #39577] [Cites 6]
8. Naish KR, Obhi SS (2015) Timing and specificity of early changes in motor excitability during movement observation. Experimental Brain Research, 233(6):1867-1874
    [NBArticle #41928] [Cites 2]
9. Naish KR, Houston-Price C, Bremner AJ, Holmes NP (2014b) Effects of action observation on corticospinal excitability: Muscle specificity, direction, and timing of the mirror response. Neuropsychologia, 64:331-348
        [NBArticle #33979] [Cites 84] [CitedBy 36]
10. Naish KR, Reader A, Houston-Price C, Bremner AJ, Holmes NP (2013a) To eat or not to eat? Kinematics and muscle activity of reach-to-grasp movements are influenced by the action goal, but observers do not detect these differences. Experimental Brain Research, 225(2):261-275
        [NBArticle #33988] [Cites 28] [CitedBy 25]
11. Naish KR, Harris G (2012) Food intake is influenced by sensory sensitivity. Public Library of Science ONE, 7(8):e43622
    [NBArticle #34555]
12. Higgs S, Rutters F, Thomas J, Naish KR, Humphreys GW (2012) Top down modulation of attention to food cues via working memory. Appetite, 59(1):71-79
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13. Holmes NP, Makin TR, Cadieux ML, Williams C, Naish KR, Spence C, Shore DI (2012) Hand ownership and hand position in the rubber hand illusion are uncorrelated . Seeing and Perceiving, 25:Suppl52
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14. Thomas J, Naish KR, Humphreys GW, Higgs S (2011) Working memory influences attention to food images. Appetite, 57(2):552
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