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Dr Luigi Tamè


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1. Holmes NP, Tamè L, Beeching P, Butler A, Constable CL, Russell S, Stuart A (in preparation) Locating human primary somatosensory cortex in transcranial stimulation studies. Cortex, 0:0
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3. Holmes NP, Tamè L, Beeching P, Butler A, Constable CL, Medford M, Rakova M, Russell S, Stuart A (in preparation) Locating human primary somatosensory cortex for transcranial brain stimulation. Cortex, 0:0
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5. Tamè L, Moles AP, Kao KC, Holmes NP (under review) Vibrotactile discrimination thresholds between the hands reflect somatosensory receptive field organization. Experimental Brain Research, 0:0
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10. Tamè L, Bumpus N, Linkenauger SA, Longo MR (2017) Distorted body representations are robust to differences in experimental instructions. Attention, Perception, & Psychophysics, 79(4):1204-1216
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11. Tamè L, Wühle AD, Petri CD, Pavani F, Braun C (2017) Concurrent use of somatotopic and external reference frames in a tactile mislocalization task. Brain and Cognition, 111:25-33
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14. Tamè L, Braun C, Holmes NP, Farnè A, Pavani F (2016) Bilateral representations of touch in the primary somatosensory cortex. Cognitive Neuropsychology, 33(1-2):48-66
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21. Tamè L, Farnè A, Pavani F (2013) Vision of the body and the differentiation of perceived body side in touch. Cortex, 49(5):1340-1351
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