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1. Becerra L, Iadarola MJ, Borsook D (2004) Cns activation by noxious heat to the hand or foot: site-dependent delay in sensory but not emotion circuitry. Journal of Neurophysiology, 91(1):533-541
      [NBArticle #50161]
2. Chen J, Ha B, Bushnell MC, Pike B, Duncan GH (2002) Differentiating noxious- and innocuous-related activation of human somatosensory cortices using temporal analysis of fmri. Journal of Neurophysiology, 88(1):464-474
      [NBArticle #50154]
3. Ohara S, Crone NE, Weiss N, Treede R, Lenz FA (2004) Cutaneous painful laser stimuli evoke responses recorded directly from primary somatosensory cortex in awake humans. Journal of Neurophysiology, 91(6):2734-2746
      [NBArticle #50101]
4. Sylvester R, Josephs O, Driver J, Rees G (2006) Visual fmri responses in human superior colliculus show a temporal-nasal asymmetry that is absent in lateral geniculate and visual cortex. Journal of Neurophysiology, 97(2):1495-1502
      [NBArticle #50028] [CitedBy 1]
5. Ogawa T, Bishop PO, Levick WR (1966) Temporal characteristics of responses to photic stimulation by single ganglion cells in the unopened eye of the cat. Journal of Neurophysiology, 29(1):1-30
    [NBArticle #50024] [CitedBy 1]
6. Warren WG, Blanchard CCV, Fialek S, Zeni S, Holmes NP (2017) Early and spatially-selective responses in proximal arm muscles during visual control of reaching: transcranial magnetic stimulation over primary motor cortex and cerebellum. Journal of Neurophysiology, :
  [NBArticle #49985] [CitedBy 1]
7. Lieber JD, Xia X, Weber AI, Bensmaia SJ (2017) The neural code for tactile roughness in the somatosensory nerves. Journal of Neurophysiology, 118(6):3107-3117
    [NBArticle #49951]
8. Papadourakis V, Raos VC (2017) Evidence for the representation of movement kinematics in the discharge of f5 mirror neurons during the observation of transitive and intransitive actions. Journal of Neurophysiology, 118(6):3215-3229
    [NBArticle #49950]
9. Reschechtko S, Latash ML (2017) Stability of hand force production. i. hand level control variables and multifinger synergies. Journal of Neurophysiology, 118(6):3152-3164
    [NBArticle #49949]
10. Wright M (2017) Impact of prior errors on visuomotor adaptation and savings: experimental considerations and clinical implications. Journal of Neurophysiology, 118(6):2953-2955
    [NBArticle #49948]
11. Puts NAJ, Harris AD, Mikkelsen M, Tommerdahl MA, Edden RAE, Mostofsky SH (2017) Altered tactile sensitivity in children with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder. Journal of Neurophysiology, 118(5):2568-2578
    [NBArticle #49574]
12. Keenan KG, Huddleston WE, Ernest BE (2017) Altered visual strategies and attention are related to increased force fluctuations during a pinch grip task in older adults. Journal of Neurophysiology, 118(5):2537-2548
    [NBArticle #49573]
13. Leodori G, Formica A, Zhu X, Conte A, Belvisi D, Cruccu G, Hallett M, Berardelli A (2017) The third-stimulus temporal discrimination threshold: focusing on the temporal processing of sensory input within primary somatosensory cortex. Journal of Neurophysiology, 118(4):2311-2317
    [NBArticle #49350]
14. Chan JL, Koval MJ, Johnston K, Everling S (2017) Neural correlates for task switching in the macaque superior colliculus. Journal of Neurophysiology, 118(4):2156-2170
    [NBArticle #49349]
15. Vazquez Y, Federici L, Pesaran B (2017) Multiple spatial representations interact to increase reach accuracy when coordinating a saccade with a reach. Journal of Neurophysiology, 118(4):2328-2343
    [NBArticle #49348]
16. Avraham G, Mawase F, Karniel A, Shmuelof L, Donchin O, Mussa-Ivaldi FA, Nisky I (2017) Representing delayed force feedback as a combination of current and delayed states. Journal of Neurophysiology, 118(4):2110-2131
    [NBArticle #49347]
17. Maeda RS, Cluff T, Gribble PL, Pruszynski JA (2017) Compensating for intersegmental dynamics across the shoulder, elbow, and wrist joints during feedforward and feedback control. Journal of Neurophysiology, 118(4):1984-1997
    [NBArticle #49346]
18. Bufacchi RJ (2017) Approaching threatening stimuli cause an expansion of defensive peripersonal space. Journal of Neurophysiology, 118(4):1927-1930
    [NBArticle #49345] [Cites 1]
19. Butcher PA, Ivry RB, Kuo S, Rydz D, Krakauer JW, Taylor JA (2017) The cerebellum does more than sensory prediction error-based learning in sensorimotor adaptation tasks. Journal of Neurophysiology, 118(3):1622-1636
    [NBArticle #49188]
20. Streng ML, Popa LS, Ebner TJ (2017) Climbing fibers predict movement kinematics and performance errors. Journal of Neurophysiology, 118(3):1902-1888
    [NBArticle #49187]
21. Monache SD, Lacquaniti F, Bosco G (2017) Differential contributions to the interception of occluded ballistic trajectories by the temporoparietal junction, area hmt/v5+, and the intraparietal cortex. Journal of Neurophysiology, 118(3):1809-1823
    [NBArticle #49186]
22. Aprigliano F, Martelli D, Tropea P, Pasquini G, Micera S, Monaco V (2017) Aging does not affect the intralimb coordination elicited by slip-like perturbation of different intensities. Journal of Neurophysiology, 118(3):1739-1748
    [NBArticle #49185]
23. Wang TSL, Song J (2017) Impaired visuomotor generalization by inconsistent attentional contexts. Journal of Neurophysiology, 118(3):1709-1719
    [NBArticle #49184]
24. Vallence A, Smalley E, Drummond PD, Hammond GR (2017) Long-interval intracortical inhibition is asymmetric in young but not older adults. Journal of Neurophysiology, 118(3):1581-1590
    [NBArticle #49183]
25. Lipski WJ, Wozny TA, Alhourani A, Kondylis ED, Turner RSE, Crammond DJ, Richardson RM (2017) Dynamics of human subthalamic neuron phase-locking to motor and sensory cortical oscillations during movement. Journal of Neurophysiology, 118(3):1472-1487
    [NBArticle #49182]