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1. Weinrich CA, Brittain J, Nowak MA, Salimi-Khorshidi R, Brown P, Stagg CJ (2017) Modulation of long-range connectivity patterns via frequency-specific stimulation of human cortex. Current Biology, 27(19):3061-3068
    [NBArticle #49613]
2. Mikellidou K, Kurzawski JW, Frijia F, Montanaro D, Greco V, Burr DC, Morrone MC (2017) Area prostriata in the human brain. Current Biology, 27(19):3056-3060
    [NBArticle #49612]
3. Wang Y, Chen Z, Zhuang Q, Zhang X, Li H, Wang J, Zhu J (2017b) Role of corticotropin-releasing factor in cerebellar motor control and ataxia. Current Biology, 27(17):2661-2669
    [NBArticle #49198]
4. Cao L, Veniero D, Thut G, Gross J (2017) Role of the cerebellum in adaptation to delayed action effects. Current Biology, 27(16):2442-2451
    [NBArticle #49197]
5. Krakauer JW, Krakauer D (2017) John and david krakauer. Current Biology, 27(15):R734-737
    [NBArticle #49196]
6. Palmer CJ, Clifford CWG (2017) Perceived object trajectory is influenced by others’ tracking movements. Current Biology, 27(14):E42169-2176
    [NBArticle #49063]
7. Whitlock JR (2017) Posterior parietal cortex. Current Biology, 27(14):R691-695
    [NBArticle #49062]
8. Sherman D, Oram T, Harel D, Ahissar E (2017) Attention robustly gates a closed-loop touch reflex. Current Biology, 27(12):1836-1843
    [NBArticle #48860]
9. Gogolla N (2017) The insular cortex. Current Biology, 27(12):R580-586
    [NBArticle #48859]
10. Kolasinski J, Logan JP, Hinson EL, Manners D, Divanbeighi Zand AP, Makin TR, Emir UE, Stagg CJ (2017) A mechanistic link from gaba to cortical architecture and perception. Current Biology, 27(11):1685-1691
    [NBArticle #48858]
11. Fassihi A, Akrami A, Pulecchi F, Schönfelder V, Diamond ME (2017) Transformation of perception from sensory to motor cortex. Current Biology, 27(11):1585-1596
    [NBArticle #48857]
12. Stein JF, Richardson A (2009) Cognitive disorders: a question of misattribution. Current Biology, 9:R374-376
  [NBArticle #48856]
13. Birznieks I, Vickery RM (2017) Spike timing matters in novel neuronal code involved in vibrotactile frequency perception. Current Biology, 27(10):1485-1490
    [NBArticle #48576]
14. Del Rio-Bermudez C, Kim J, Sokoloff G, Blumberg MS (2017) Theta oscillations during active sleep synchronize the developing rubro-hippocampal sensorimotor network. Current Biology, 27(10):1413-1424
    [NBArticle #48575]
15. Hahamy A, Macdonald SN, van den Heiligenberg F, Kieliba P, Emir UE, Malach R, Johansen-Berg H, Brugger P, Culham JC, Makin TR (2017) Representation of multiple body parts in the missing-hand territory of congenital one-handers. Current Biology, 27(9):1350-1355
    [NBArticle #48574] [CommentsIn 1]
16. Striem-Amit E (2017) Brain plasticity: when the feet and mouth replace the hand. Current Biology, 27(9):R356-358
    [NBArticle #48573] [CommentsOn 1]
17. Bremner AJ (2017) Multisensory development: calibrating a coherent sensory milieu in early life. Current Biology, 27(8):R305-307
    [NBArticle #48089] [Cites 1]
18. Maitre NL, Key AP, Chorna OD, Slaughter JC, Matusz PJ, Wallace MT, Murray MM (2017) The dual nature of early-life experience on somatosensory processing in the human infant brain. Current Biology, 27(7):1048-1054
    [NBArticle #47891]
19. Atkinson J, Braddick O (2017) Janette atkinson and oliver braddick. Current Biology, 27(7):
    [NBArticle #47890]
20. Kurnikova A, Moore JD, Liao S, Deschênes M, Kleinfeld D (2017) Coordination of orofacial motor actions into exploratory behavior by rat. Current Biology, 27(5):688-696
    [NBArticle #47889]
21. Bastian AJ (2017) Amy bastian. Current Biology, 27(5):R166-168
    [NBArticle #47888]
22. Chen Y, Lewis TL, Shore DI, Maurer D (2017) Early binocular input is critical for development of audiovisual but not visuotactile simultaneity perception. Current Biology, 27(4):583-589
    [NBArticle #47725]
23. Jacoby N, McDermott JH (2017) Integer ratio priors on musical rhythm revealed cross-culturally by iterated reproduction. Current Biology, 27(3):359-370
    [NBArticle #47374]
24. Gross M (2017) The dangers of a post-truth world. Current Biology, 27(1):R1-4
    [NBArticle #47373]
25. Fugazza C, Pogány , Miklósi (2016) Recall of others' actions after incidental encoding reveals episodic-like memory in dogs. Current Biology, 26(23):3209-3213
    [NBArticle #46566] [CommentsIn 1]