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1. Maitre NL, Key AP, Chorna OD, Slaughter JC, Matusz PJ, Wallace MT, Murray MM (2017) The dual nature of early-life experience on somatosensory processing in the human infant brain. Current Biology, 27(7):1048-1054
    [NBArticle #47891]
2. Atkinson J, Braddick O (2017) Janette atkinson and oliver braddick. Current Biology, 27(7):
    [NBArticle #47890]
3. Kurnikova A, Moore JD, Liao S, Deschênes M, Kleinfeld D (2017) Coordination of orofacial motor actions into exploratory behavior by rat. Current Biology, 27(5):688-696
    [NBArticle #47889]
4. Bastian AJ (2017) Amy bastian. Current Biology, 27(5):R166-168
    [NBArticle #47888]
5. Reader A, Royce BP, Marsh JE, Chivers K, Holmes NP (under review) Left supramarginal area pf controls digit velocity during imitation of finger gestures. Current Biology, 0:0
  [NBArticle #47827]
6. Chen Y, Lewis TL, Shore DI, Maurer D (2017) Early binocular input is critical for development of audiovisual but not visuotactile simultaneity perception. Current Biology, 27(4):583-589
    [NBArticle #47725]
7. Jacoby N, McDermott JH (2017) Integer ratio priors on musical rhythm revealed cross-culturally by iterated reproduction. Current Biology, 27(3):359-370
    [NBArticle #47374]
8. Gross M (2017) The dangers of a post-truth world. Current Biology, 27(1):R1-4
    [NBArticle #47373]
9. Fugazza C, Pogány , Miklósi (2016) Recall of others' actions after incidental encoding reveals episodic-like memory in dogs. Current Biology, 26(23):3209-3213
    [NBArticle #46566] [CommentsIn 1]
10. Crystal JD (2016) Comparative cognition: action imitation using episodic memory. Current Biology, 26(23):R1226-1228
    [NBArticle #46565] [CommentsOn 1]
11. Bursztyn LLCD, Ganesh G, Imamizu H, Kawato MI, Flanagan R (2006) Neural correlates of internal-model loading. Current Biology, 16(24):2440-2445
    [NBArticle #46514] [CitedBy 1]
12. Caggiano V, Fleischer F, Pomper JK, Giese MA, Thier P (2016) Mirror neurons in monkey premotor area f5 show tuning for critical features of visual causality perception. Current Biology, 26(22):3077-3082
    [NBArticle #46447] [CommentsIn 1]
13. Lomber SG, Butler BE (2016) Sensory development: brief visual deprivation alters audiovisual interactions. Current Biology, 26(22):R1185-1187
    [NBArticle #46446]
14. Rolfs M (2016) Visual neuroscience: seeing causality with the motor system? Current Biology, 26(22):R1183
    [NBArticle #46445] [CommentsOn 1]
15. Bufacchi RJ, Iannetti GD (2016) Gravitational cues modulate the shape of defensive peripersonal space. Current Biology, 26(21):1133-1134
    [NBArticle #46444]
16. Donelan JM (2016) Motor control: no constant but change. Current Biology, 26(20):R915-918
    [NBArticle #45916] [CommentsOn 1]
17. Roemmich RT, Long AW, Bastian AJ (2016) Seeing the errors you feel enhances locomotor performance but not learning. Current Biology, 26(20):2707-2716
    [NBArticle #45915] [CommentsIn 1]
18. Holmes NP (unpublished) Multisensory integration: inverse effectiveness and noisy signals. Current Biology, 0:0
  [NBArticle #45652]
19. Lustenberger C, Boyle MR, Alagapan S, Mellin JM, Vaughn BV, Fröhlich F (2016) Feedback-controlled transcranial alternating current stimulation reveals a functional role of sleep spindles in motor memory consolidation. Current Biology, 26(16):2127-2136
    [NBArticle #44894]
20. Gross M (2016) Angry voters may turn back the clocks. Current Biology, 26(15):R689-692
    [NBArticle #44503]
21. Shadmehr R, Huang HJ, Ahmed AA (2016) A representation of effort in decision-making and motor control. Current Biology, 26(14):1929-1934
    [NBArticle #44502]
22. Reinhart RMG, Xiao W, McClenahan LJ, Woodman GF (2016) Electrical stimulation of visual cortex can immediately improve spatial vision. Current Biology, 26(14):1867-1872
    [NBArticle #44501]
23. Ponce de León MS, Bienvenu T, Akazawa T, Zollikofer CPE (2016) Brain development is similar in neanderthals and modern humans. Current Biology, 26(14):665-666
    [NBArticle #44500]
24. Pang R, Lansdell BJ, Fairhall AL (2016) Dimensionality reduction in neuroscience. Current Biology, 26(14):R656-660
    [NBArticle #44499]
25. Hamadjida A, Dea M, Deffeyes JE, Quessy S, Dancause N (2016) Parallel cortical networks formed by modular organization of primary motor cortex outputs. Current Biology, 26(13):1737-1743
  [NBArticle #44498]