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1. Palomo P, Borrego A, Cebolla A, Llorens R, Demarzo M, Baños RM (2017) Subjective, behavioral, and physiological responses to the rubber hand illusion do not vary with age in the adult phase. Consciousness and Cognition, :
    [NBArticle #49738] [Cites 1]
2. Weser V, Finotti G, Costantini M, Proffitt DR (2017) Multisensory integration induces body ownership of a handtool, but not any handtool. Consciousness and Cognition, 56:150-164
    [NBArticle #49633]
3. Goldberg ME, Busch NA, van der Meer E (2017) The amount of recent action-outcome coupling modulates the mechanisms of the intentional binding effect: a behavioral and erp study. Consciousness and Cognition, 56:135-149
    [NBArticle #49632]
4. Quesque F, Mignon A, Coello Y (2017) Cooperative and competitive contexts do not modify the effect of social intention on motor action. Consciousness and Cognition, 56:91-99
    [NBArticle #49631]
5. Varga S, Heck DH (2017) Rhythms of the body, rhythms of the brain: respiration, neural oscillations, and embodied cognition. Consciousness and Cognition, 56:77-90
    [NBArticle #49630]
6. van der Westhuizen D, Moore J, Solms M, van Honk J (2017) Testosterone facilitates the sense of agency. Consciousness and Cognition, 56:58-67
    [NBArticle #49629]
7. Wang Y, Damen TGE, Aarts H (2017b) Uncovering effects of self-control and stimulus-driven action selection on the sense of agency. Consciousness and Cognition, 55:245-253
    [NBArticle #49387]
8. Michael GA, Tapiero I, Gálvez-García G, Jacquot L (2017) Thoughts and sensations, twin galaxies of the inner space: the propensity to mind-wander relates to spontaneous sensations arising on the hands. Consciousness and Cognition, 55:223-231
    [NBArticle #49386]
9. Pitron V, de Vignemont F (2017) Beyond differences between the body schema and the body image: insights from body hallucinations. Consciousness and Cognition, 53:115-121
    [NBArticle #48909]
10. Wen W, Yamashita A, Asama H (2017) The influence of performance on action-effect integration in sense of agency. Consciousness and Cognition, 53:89-98
    [NBArticle #48908]
11. Kong G, He K, Wei K (2017) Sensorimotor experience in virtual reality enhances sense of agency associated with an avatar. Consciousness and Cognition, 52:115-124
    [NBArticle #48907]
12. Cavazzana A, Begliomini C, Bisiacchi PS (2017) Intentional binding as a marker of agency across the lifespan. Consciousness and Cognition, 52:104-114
    [NBArticle #48906]
13. Imaizumi S, Asai T (2017) My action lasts longer: potential link between subjective time and agency during voluntary action. Consciousness and Cognition, 51:243-257
    [NBArticle #48605]
14. Vastano R, Pozzo T, Brass M (2017) The action congruency effect on the feelings of agency. Consciousness and Cognition, 51:212-222
    [NBArticle #48604]
15. Korb S, Osimo SA, Suran T, Goldstein A, Rumiati RI (2017) Face proprioception does not modulate access to visual awareness of emotional faces in a continuous flash suppression paradigm. Consciousness and Cognition, 51:166-180
    [NBArticle #48603]
16. Asai T (2017) Know thy agency in predictive coding: meta-monitoring over forward modeling. Consciousness and Cognition, 51:82-99
    [NBArticle #48602]
17. Prinz W (2017) Modeling self on others: an import theory of subjectivity and selfhood. Consciousness and Cognition, 49:347-362
    [NBArticle #47932]
18. Scandola M, Aglioti SM, Avesani R, Bertagnoni G, Marangoni A, Moro V (2017) Corporeal illusions in chronic spinal cord injuries. Consciousness and Cognition, 49:278-290
    [NBArticle #47931]
19. Dominik T, Dostál D, Zielina M, Šmahaj J, Sedláčková Z, Procházka R (2017) Libet’s experiment: questioning the validity of measuring the urge to move. Consciousness and Cognition, 49:255-263
    [NBArticle #47930]
20. Kulakova E, Khalighinejad N, Haggard P (2017) I could have done otherwise: availability of counterfactual comparisons informs the sense of agency. Consciousness and Cognition, 49:237-244
    [NBArticle #47929]
21. Kumar D, Srinivasan N (2017) Multi-scale control influences sense of agency: investigating intentional binding using event-control approach. Consciousness and Cognition, 49:1-14
    [NBArticle #47928]
22. Jenkinson PM, Preston C (2017) The ‘not-so-strange’ body in the mirror: a principal components analysis of direct and mirror self-observation. Consciousness and Cognition, 48:262-272
    [NBArticle #47400]
23. Bolt NK, Poncelet EM, Schultz BG, Loehr JD (2016) Mutual coordination strengthens the sense of joint agency in cooperative joint action. Consciousness and Cognition, 46:173-187
  [NBArticle #46470]
24. Aymerich-Franch L, Petit D, Ganesh G, Kheddar A (2016b) The second me: seeing the real body during humanoid robot embodiment produces an illusion of bi-location. Consciousness and Cognition, 46:99-109
    [NBArticle #46469]
25. Sparks S, Sidari M, Lyons M, Kritikos A (2016) Pictures of you: dot stimuli cause motor contagion in presence of a still human form. Consciousness and Cognition, 45:135-145
    [NBArticle #45539]