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1. (2017) Motion tracking and analysis of human movement. , Physics B21, 27th March
  [NBArticle #47828]
2. Reader A, Royce BP, Marsh JE, Chivers K, Holmes NP (under review) Left supramarginal area pf controls digit velocity during imitation of finger gestures. Current Biology, 0:0
  [NBArticle #47827]
3. de Vignemont F (2017) Agency and bodily ownership: the bodyguard hypothesis. In: de Vignemont F, Alsmith AJT (eds) The subject's matter: the body and self-consciousness. MIT Press, Cambridge (Mass.)
  [NBArticle #47826] [Cites 1]
4. de Vignemont F, Alsmith AJT (2017) The subject's matter: the body and self-consciousness. MIT Press, Cambridge (Mass.)
  [NBArticle #47825]
5. Carpio C, Amérigo M, Durán M (2017) Study of an inclusive intervention programme in pictorial perception with blind and sighted students. European Journal of Special Needs Education, :1-18
    [NBArticle #47824] [Cites 1]
6. de Jong JR, Keizer A, Engel MM, Dijkerman HC (2017) Does affective touch influence the virtual reality full body illusion? Experimental Brain Research, :
    [NBArticle #47823] [Cites 2]
7. Uchiyama H, Ohno H, Kodama R (2012) Lesion of the isthmo-optic nucleus impairs target selection for visually guided reaching. Behavioural Brain Research, 233(2):359-366
    [NBArticle #47822]
8. Gentilucci M, Campione GC, De Stefani E, Innocenti A (2012) Is the coupled control of hand and mouth postures precursor of reciprocal relations between gestures and words? Behavioural Brain Research, 233(1):130-140
    [NBArticle #47821]
9. Esposito G, Yoshida S, Venuti P, Kuroda KO (2012) Three lessons from philip teitelbaum and their application to studies of motor development in humans and mice. Behavioural Brain Research, 231(2):366-370
    [NBArticle #47820]
10. Sacrey LR, Whishaw IQ (2012) Subsystems of sensory attention for skilled reaching: vision for transport and pre-shaping and somatosensation for grasping, withdrawal and release. Behavioural Brain Research, 231(2):356-365
    [NBArticle #47819]
11. Komisaruk BR (2012) A scientist's dilemma: follow my hypothesis or my findings? Behavioural Brain Research, 231(2):262-265
    [NBArticle #47818]
12. Foroud A, Whishaw IQ (2012) The consummatory origins of visually guided reaching in human infants: a dynamic integration of whole-body and upper-limb movements. Behavioural Brain Research, 231(2):343-355
    [NBArticle #47817]
13. Teitelbaum P (2012) Some useful insights for graduate students beginning their research in physiological psychology: anecdotes and attitudes. Behavioural Brain Research, 231(2):234-249
    [NBArticle #47816]
14. Reid CS, Serrien DJ (2012) Handedness and the excitability of cortical inhibitory circuits. Behavioural Brain Research, 230(1):144-148
    [NBArticle #47815]
15. Nandrino J., Ducro C, Iachini T, Coello Y (2017) Perception of peripersonal and interpersonal space in patients with restrictive‐type anorexia. European Eating Disorder Review, :
    [NBArticle #47814] [Cites 1]
16. sHEN G, Saby JN, Drew AR, Marshall PJ (2017) Exploring potential social influences on brain potentials during anticipation of tactile stimulation. Brain Research, 1659:8-18
    [NBArticle #47813]
17. Smith M, Stinear JW, Barber PA, Stinear CM (2017) Effects of non-target leg activation, tms coil orientation, and limb dominance on lower limb motor cortex excitability. Brain Research, 1655:10-16
    [NBArticle #47812]
18. Demchenko I, Katz R, Pratt H, Zacksenhouse M (2016) Distinct electroencephalographic responses to disturbances and distractors during continuous reaching movements. Brain Research, 1652:178-187
    [NBArticle #47811]
19. Papadelis C, Arfeller C, Erla S, Nollo G, Cattaneo L, Braun CB (2016) Inferior frontal gyrus links visual and motor cortices during a visuomotor precision grip force task. Brain Research, 1650:252-266
    [NBArticle #47810]
20. Demiral SB, Gambi C, Nieuwland MS, Pickering MJ (2016) Neural correlates of verbal joint action: erps reveal common perception and action systems in a shared-stroop task. Brain Research, 1649(A):79-89
    [NBArticle #47809]
21. Tamás G, Kelemen A, Radics P, Valálik I, Heldman DA, Klivényi P, Vécsei L, Hidasi E, Halász L, Kis D, Barsi P, Golopencza P, Erőss L (2016) Effect of subthalamic stimulation on distal and proximal upper limb movements in parkinson's disease. Brain Research, 1648(A):438-444
    [NBArticle #47808]
22. Kilintari M, Narayana S, Babajani-Feremi A, Rezaie R, Papanicolaou AC (2016) Brain activation profiles during kinesthetic and visual imagery: an fmri study. Brain Research, 1646:249-261
    [NBArticle #47807]
23. Naro A, Leo A, Buda A, Manuli A, Bramanti A, Bramanti P, Calabrò RS (2016) Unravelling motor networks in patients with chronic disorders of consciousness: a promising minimally invasive approach. Brain Research, 1646:262-268
    [NBArticle #47806]
24. Cazzato V, Mele S, Urgesi C (2016) Different contributions of visual and motor brain areas during liking judgments of same- and different-gender bodies. Brain Research, 1646:98-108
    [NBArticle #47805]
25. Sawada R, Doi H, Masataka N (2016) Processing of self-related kinematic information embedded in static handwritten characters. Brain Research, 1642:287-297
    [NBArticle #47804]