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1. Holmes NP (2017) Björn van der Hoort: "Body-ownership and Visual Perception". Thesis defense, Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, 21st April
  [NBArticle #48042] [Cites 5]
2. Reader A, Holmes NP (2017) rTMS to left supramarginal area pf reduces digit velocity during imitation of finger gestures. Concepts, Action, and Objects, Rovereto, Italy, 5th May
  [NBArticle #48041]
3. Holmes NP (2017) 'On-line' control of reaching and grasping movements. Seminar, Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, 20th April
  [NBArticle #48040]
4. Woodgate PJW, Strauss S, Sami SA, Heinke D (2015) Motor cortex guides selection of predictable movement targets. Behavioural Brain Research, 287:238-246
    [NBArticle #48039]
5. Christova M, Rafolt D, Gallasch E (2015) Cumulative effects of anodal and priming cathodal tdcs on pegboard test performance and motor cortical excitability. Behavioural Brain Research, 287:27-33
    [NBArticle #48038]
6. Brown MJN, Staines WR (2015) Somatosensory input to non-primary motor areas is enhanced during preparation of cued contraterlateral finger sequence movements. Behavioural Brain Research, 286:166-174
    [NBArticle #48037]
7. Wadden KP, Woodward TS, Metzak PD, Lavigne KM, Lakhani B, Auriat AM, Boyd LA (2015) Compensatory motor network connectivity is associated with motor sequence learning after subcortical stroke. Behavioural Brain Research, 286:136-145
    [NBArticle #48036]
8. Ruotolo F, van der Ham IJM, Postma A, Ruggiero G, Iachini T (2015) How coordinate and categorical spatial relations combine with egocentric and allocentric reference frames in a motor task: effects of delay and stimuli characteristics. Behavioural Brain Research, 284:167-178
    [NBArticle #48035]
9. Serrien DJ, Sovijärvi-Spapé Mm (2015) Hemispheric asymmetries and the control of motor sequences. Behavioural Brain Research, 283:30-36
    [NBArticle #48034]
10. Salomon R (2017) The assembly of the self from sensory and motor foundations. Social Cognition, 35(2):87-106
    [NBArticle #48033] [Cites 2]
11. Sánchez-García C, Kandel S, Savariaux C, Soto-Faraco S (2017) The time course of audio-visual phoneme identification: a high temporal resolution study. Multisensory Research, :
    [NBArticle #48032] [Cites 1]
12. Readus X (2013) Auditory processing and motor systems: eeg analysis of cortical field potentials. MSc Thesis, , 76pp.
  [NBArticle #48031] [Cites 1]
13. Makin TR, Holmes NP, Brozzoli C, Rossetti YRC, Farnè A (2008) Hand-centered visual representation of space: tms evidence for early modulation of motor cortex excitability. Journal of Vision, 6(6):
    [NBArticle #48030] [CitedBy 1]
14. Steinberg F, Vogt T (2015) Context-dependent neuroelectric responses during motor control. Behavioural Brain Research, 281:301-308
    [NBArticle #48029]
15. Gonzalez-Rosa JJ, Natali F, Tettamanti A, Cursi M, Velikova S, Comi G, Gatti R, Leocani L (2015b) Action observation and motor imagery in performance of complex movements: evidence from eeg and kinematics analysis. Behavioural Brain Research, 281:290-300
    [NBArticle #48028]
16. Popovich C, Staines WR (2015) Acute aerobic exercise enhances attentional modulation of somatosensory event-related potentials during a tactile discrimination task. Behavioural Brain Research, 281:267-275
    [NBArticle #48027]
17. Leonard CT, Danna-Dos-Santos A, Peters C, Moore M (2015) Corticomotor excitability changes during mirrored or asynergistic wrist movements. Behavioural Brain Research, 281:199-207
    [NBArticle #48026]
18. Fenrich KK, May Z, Hurd C, Boychuk CE, Kowalczewski J, Bennett DJ, Whishaw IQ, Fouad K (2015) Improved single pellet grasping using automated ad libitum full-time training robot. Behavioural Brain Research, 281:137-148
    [NBArticle #48025]
19. Trewartha KM, Case S, Flanagan JR (2015) Integrating actions into object location memory: a benefit for active versus passive reaching movements. Behavioural Brain Research, 279:234-239
    [NBArticle #48024]
20. Carlsen AN, Eagles JS, MacKinnon CD (2015) Transcranial direct current stimulation over the supplementary motor area modulates the preparatory activation level in the human motor system. Behavioural Brain Research, 279:68-75
    [NBArticle #48023]
21. Walz AD, Doppl K, Kaza E, Roschka S, Platz T, Lotze M (2015) Changes in cortical, cerebellar and basal ganglia representation after comprehensive long term unilateral hand motor training. Behavioural Brain Research, 278:393-403
    [NBArticle #48022]
22. Takemi M, Kondo T, Yoshino-Saito K, Sekiguchi T, Kosugi A, Kasuga S, Okano HJ, Okano H, Ushiba J (2014) Three-dimensional motion analysis of arm-reaching movements in healthy and hemispinalized common marmosets. Behavioural Brain Research, 275:259-268
    [NBArticle #48021]
23. Moscatelli A, Naceri A, Ernst MO (2014) Path integration in tactile perception of shapes. Behavioural Brain Research, 274:355-364
    [NBArticle #48020]
24. Schuwerk T, Schecklmann M, Langguth B, Döhnel K, Sodian B, Sommer M (2014b) Inhibiting the posterior medial prefrontal cortex by rtms decreases the discrepancy between self and other in theory of mind reasoning. Behavioural Brain Research, 274:312-318
    [NBArticle #48019]
25. Wurm MF, Hrkać M, Morikawa Y, Schubotz RI (2014) Predicting goals in action episodes attenuates bold response in inferior frontal and occipitotemporal cortex. Behavioural Brain Research, 274:108-117
    [NBArticle #48018]