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Lakens D, Adolfi F, Albers CJ, Anvari F, Apps MAJ, Argamon SE, Baguley T, Becker RB, Benning SD, Bradford DE, Buchanan EM, Caldwell AR, Van Calster B, Carlsson R, Chen S, Chung B, Colling LJ, Collins GS, Crook Z, Cross ES, Daniels S, Danielsson H, DeBruine LM, Dunleavy DJ, Earp BD, Feist MI, Ferrell JD, Field JG, Fox NW, Friesen A, Gomes C, Gonzalez-Marquez M, Grange JA, Grieve AP, Grist J, Guggenberger R, van Harmelen A, Hasselman F, Hochard KD, Hoffarth MR, Holmes NP, Ingre M, Isager PM, Isotalus HK, Johansson C, Juszczyk K, Kenny DA, Khalil AA, Konat B, Lao J, Larsen EG, Lodder GMA, Lukavský J, Madan CR, Manheim D, Martin SR, Martin AE, Mayo DG, McCarthy RJ, McConway K, McFarland C, Nio A, Nilsonne G, de Oliveir CL, Orban de Xivry J, Parsons S, Pfuhl G, Quinn KA, Marmolejo-Ramos F, Sakon JJ, Saribay SA, Schneider IK, Selvaraju M, Sjoerds Z, Smith SG, Smits T, Spies J, Sreekumar V, Steltenpohl CN, Stenhouse N, Świątkowski W, Vadillo MA, van Assen MALM, Williams MN, Williams SE, Williams DR, Yarkoni T, Ziano I, Zwaan RA (in press) Justify Your Alpha: A Response to ''Redefine Statistical Significance''. Nature Human Behaviour, 0:0  
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1. Crane H (2017) Why ''redefining statistical significance'' will not improve reproducibility and could make the replication crisis worse. arXiv, :
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