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Heino MT, Fried EI, LeBel EP (2017) Commentary: reproducibility in psychological science: when do psychological phenomena exist? Frontiers in Psychology, 8:1004    
A cultural divide is forming in psychology: while some researchers are sceptical of research practices and standards prior to the current replicability crisis (e.g. Munafò et al., 2017), others have strong faith in the published literature (e.g. Gilbert, King, Pettigrew, & Wilson, 2016). This difference of perspectives drives many current debates, and is also visible in a new paper in Frontiers in Psychology by Iso-Ahola, titled “Reproducibility in psychological science: When do psychological phenomena exist”, in which the author states that prior findings cannot be all dismissed as flukes “because they were published in the best journals of social psychology” (Iso-Ahola, 2017)