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Chambers CD, Forstmann BU, Pruszynski JA (2017) Registered reports at the european journal of neuroscience: consolidating and extending peer-reviewed study pre-registration. European Journal of Neuroscience, 45(5):627-628    
In 2015, the UK Academy of Medical Sciences published a landmark report entitled ‘Reproducibility and reliability of biomedical research’ (Academy of Medical Sciences, 2015). The report brought together the perspectives of scientists, funders, journals and learned societies in tackling the high rate of irreproducibility in basic and applied biomedical science. Among the identified causes of irreproducibility were various forms of researcher bias (including p-hacking and hindsight bias), publication bias, low statistical power, underspecified methods, weak experimental designs, and uncorrected technical errors in published papers. Of the several solutions proposed, pre-registration of study procedures and analysis plans was the one strategy that singularly addressed the most problems