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Blanchard CCV, McGlashan HL, French B, Sperring RJ, Petrocochino B, Holmes NP (2017) Online control of prehension predicts performance on a standardised motor assessment test in 8-12 year old children. Frontiers in Psychology, 8:374    
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1. Broadbent H (2017) On-line control of rapid hand movements in humans. MSc Thesis, , 8pp.
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2. Holmes NP, Blanchard CCV, French B, McGlashan HL, Sycamore NJ, Hutnik M, Sperring RJ (2016) Relationships between cerebellar & cerebal volume and movement in 85 children. Neuroimaging group seminar, B37, 9th November
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3. Holmes NP, Blanchard CCV, French B, McGlashan HL (2017) The development of 'online' control in reaching and grasping. PAHDL Seminar, School of Psychology, University of Nottingham, 28th February
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