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Blanchard CCV, McGlashan HL, French B, Sperring RJ, Petrocochino B, Holmes NP. Online control of prehension predicts performance on a standardised motor assessment test in 8-12 year old children. Front Psychol 8: 374, 2017.    

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Broadbent H. On-line control of rapid hand movements in humans. MSc Thesis, , 8pp.
Holmes NP, Blanchard CCV, French B, McGlashan HL, Sycamore NJ, Hutnik M, Sperring RJ. Relationships between cerebellar & cerebal volume and movement in 85 children. Neuroimaging group seminar, B37, 9th November
Holmes NP, Blanchard CCV, French B, McGlashan HL. The development of 'online' control in reaching and grasping. PAHDL Seminar, School of Psychology, University of Nottingham, 28th February