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Flash T, Henis E (1991) Arm trajectory modiļ¬cations during reaching towards visual targets. Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience, 3(3):220-230  
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1. Fautrelle L, Prablanc C, Berret B, Ballay Y, Bonnetblanc F (2010b) Pointing to double-step visual stimuli from a standing position: Very short latency (express) corrections are observed in upper and lower limbs and may not require cortical involvement. Neuroscience, 169(2):697-705
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2. Fishbach A, Roy SA, Bastianen C, Miller LE, Houk JC (2007) Deciding when and how to correct a movement: Discrete submovements as a decision making process. Experimental Brain Research, 177(1):45-63
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3. Turrell Y, Bard C, Fleury M, Teasdale N, Martin O (1998) Corrective loops involved in fast aiming movements: Effect of task and environment. Experimental Brain Research, 120(1):41-51
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