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Galton F (1886) Regression towards mediocrity in hereditary stature. Journal of the Anthropological Institute, 15:246-263  
This memoir contains the data upon which the remarks on the Law of Regression were founded, that I made in my Presidential Address to Section H, at Aberdeen. That address, which will appear in due course in the Journal of the British Association, has already been published in "Nature," September 24th. I reproduce here the portion of it which bears upon regression, together with some amplification where brevity had rendered it obscure, and I have added copies of the diagrams suspended at the meeting, without which the letterpress is necessarily difficult to follow. My object is to place beyond doubt the existence of a simple and far-reaching law that governs the hereditary transmission of, I believe, every one of those simple qualities which all possess, though in unequal degrees. I once before ventured to draw attention to this law on far more slender evidence than I now possess.