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Karen Sunde

My latest work:

Daly I, Blanchard CCV, Holmes NP (in press) Motor evoked potential amplitudes reflect event-related desynchronization during brain-computer interface control. Journal of Neural Engineering, 0:0
  [NBArticle #48572]

McGlashan HL, Blanchard CCV, Sycamore NJ, Lee R, French B, Holmes NP (2017) Improvement in children's fine motor skills following a computerized typing intervention. Human Movement Science, 56(B):29-36
    [NBArticle #47219]

Holmes NP (2017) Multisensory integration: inverse effectiveness and noisy signals. PsyrXiv, :
    [NBArticle #45652] [Cites 4]

PhD Thesis

Department of Experimental Psychology, University of Oxford, October 2002 to September, 2005

Examined on the 23rd February, 2006, resubmitted with Minor Corrections, on the 6th June, 2006

The majority of the work contained in the following chapters has been submitted or published elsewhere, so please see the other pages for the peer-reviewed content. The rest is either too speculative or too weak or too boring to be published!

Citation: Holmes NP (2005) Of tools, mirrors, & bodies: Multisensory interactions in peripersonal space. PhD Thesis, Wolfson College, University of Oxford, 302pp.

    [NBArticle #25557] [Cites 288]

Original research proposal

Individual chapters [pdf]:

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